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  • RG22 5HN
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Association of Aquarists Spring Auction PDF Print E-mail
Written by Alan Dunne   
Wednesday, 03 April 2013 00:00


The Association of Aquarists Spring Auction was held on Sunday 24th August at Kempshott Village Hall near Basingstoke. With freezing weather conditions it hardly felt like spring and the Association issued specific guidelines for all sellers and bidders concerning the welfare of aquatic livestock at the event.


Early lots offered were large polystyrene boxes and heat pads to ensure that livestock was kept at sufficiently warm stable temperatures. Yes there were lots of bargains to be had in the total of 753 lots that went under the hammer – of course not literally! Some superb river shrimps were on offer from Shrimp Toast, a brand new Spa Glass display tank, a selection of TFH cichlid books, many wild caught species of corydoras catfish and many species of locally bred livebearers. Tropical plants and pieces of swamp root went for good prices as well as alder cones and a variety of worm cultures and live foods were on offer.

Undoubtedly this was one of the best events that the Association has run in recent years and the Auction Team were ably assisted by a team of willing volunteers from the front line running lots to the support team providing food and drinks from the Pink Elephant Café. Thanks to all who came and supported – in fact there were 64 registered bidders which is something of a record for this event. Thanks to the efforts of the sellers who were undeterred by the conditions and thanks to all of the team of helpers.

Special thanks must go to Paul Dean for the use of his computer auction programme which ran without a blip.

Andy Pearce


Auction turnout The Team

Some species sold on the day
channa stewartii
Ctenepoma Ocellatum
Ctenepoma weeksi
Pseudosphromenus dayi

Apistogramma veijita
Amatitiania nigrofasciata
Danioes Convicts
Metriclima greshaki
Aulonocara species
Aulonacara Firefish
Amphilopus festae
Cryptoheros species Honduran red point
Julidchromis marlieri
Metriclima callainos
Metriclima estherae double red
Pheudocrenilabrus nicholsi
Chromidotilapia guentheri guentheri

Labidichromis hongi
Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos
Protomelas spilonotus
Geophagus balzani
Placidochromis electra
Cyphotilapia frontosa
Labidichromis perlmutt
Melanachromis auratus
Placidochromis milomo
Dimidiochromis compressiceps
Copadichromis borleyi
Ps demassoni
Protomelas steveni Taiwan Reef
Sciaenochromis fryeri
Pterophyllum scalare (Albino Scribble)
Mesonauta festivus
Metriaclima greshakei
Aulonacara stuartgranti
Cichlasoma trimaculatum
Astronotus ocellatus
Krobia sp. Xingu?

Corydoras aeneus
Corydoras habrosus
Corydoras melini
Corydoras melenatonia
Corydoras elegans
Corydoras metae
Corydoras concolor
Corydoras panda
Corydoras paleatus
Corydoras schultzei
Panaque Maccuus
Platydoras costatus
Synodontis Alberti
Synodontis robertsi
Synodontis  nolatus
L330 Melon Plec
Lasiancistrus tentaculatus

Leopard endlers
Gold bottom sword guppies
Ameca splendens
Llydon xantusi
Skiffia V188
Xenotoca esieni
Showa swordtails
Neon swordtails
Red swordtails
Platies (Red, Blue Tuxedo and Golden)
Full Red guppy
Blue Delta tail Guppies
Brazilian guppies
Moscow blue guppies
Gambisia affinis
Girardinus falcatus

Flexipenis vittata
Ilyodon furcidens
Xenotoca variata
Skiffia lermea
Skiffia francsae
Xenoophorus captaivus
Characodon sp. "Los Pinos"
Characodon lateralis "Los Berros"


Clown loach


Nematobrycon lacortei


Yellow Fire Cherry Shrimp
Blue Malayan Shrimp
Green Malayan Shrimp
Vietnamese Leopard Shrimp
Tangerine Tiger Shrimp
Red rili Shrimp
Blue Jelly Cherry Shrimp
Panda Taiwan Bee Shrimp

Other livestock

Hypseleotris compressa
Marisa cornarietis
Marisa sp. "Coloured Ramshorn Snails"
Tylomelania gemmifera "Golden Rabbit Snail"
White cloud maintain minnow

Red Pulsing Xenia Frag
Clove Star Polyp Frag
Giant Clove Star Polyp Frag
Sexy Shrimp


Java moss
Java fern
Nymphaea “Tiger Lotus Red”

Barclaya longifolia
Monosolenium tenerum  “Pelia Moss”


2012 complete set Practical Fishkeeping
2011 complete set Practical Fishkeeping
2010 complete set Practical Fishkeeping
2009 complete set Practical Fishkeeping
2008 complete set Practical Fishkeeping
2007 complete set Practical Fishkeeping
2006 complete set Practical Fishkeeping
L Numbers Book
Dr Axelrods Atlas Freshwater Fishes, 6th edition.
Atlas of Freshwater & Marine Catfishes by Burgess.
Complete Coloured Lexion of Cichlids, Axelrod.
Cichlids of Lake Malawi, Tfh
Cichilds of Lake Tanganyika, Brichard.
Interpet guide to Sth American Catfish
Atlas of Livebearers, Tfh.
Oscars, Neal Pronek
Encyclopedia of Popular FW Fishes
Dr Axelrods Mini Atlas of Freshwater Fishes
Breeding Aquarium Fish, Axelrode/Sweeney.
Manual of Fish Health


Alder cones
Natural coloured polished stones
'Rainbow' rock
Bag of coloured gravel
Lava rocks
Peice of Bog wood
Elephant skin rock
Landscape rocks
Yellow glass stone


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