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Written by Alan Dunne   
Saturday, 18 July 2009 09:01


I am the one on the committee who is not a fish fanatic!

Since my husband and son started to keep and show fish more than twenty-five years ago, I have tried to support them in the hobby by helping out in the kitchen and selling raffle tickets at the shows, etc. I don’t know how I became secretary to the A of A. I think I got voted on the committee in my absence!

I do love looking at the fish tanks that we have and I have my own guppy tank in the kitchen but even there, I am a disappointment to some. I don’t specialise in one type but put as many different colour guppies in the tank as possible and wait to see what colour their babies become! The prettier the better. I love my tank,

which at the end of the day is what fishkeeping is all about; enjoying the hobby in whatever way suits you.


I work part time as a doctor’s receptionist and spend most of my spare time gardening, which is my main hobby. I have three cats, two children and four beautiful grandchildren aged between six and eleven years old.

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